Herringbone Gear Set for RepRapPro Huxley Extruder

The gears that came with my RepRapPro Huxley extruder are a little warped, are noisey and have quite a lot of backlash. I’ve wanted to re-print the gear set for some time now and just the other day came across the Parametric Herringbone Gear Set for Huxley extruder #30DoC on Thingiverse. These looked like an ideal replacement so I went ahead and printed a set.

Herringbone Gears for RepRapPro Huxley

They were printed at a layer height of 0.2mm using PLA. Now to print a modified ‘M6 Block’ to go with them.

One thought on “Herringbone Gear Set for RepRapPro Huxley Extruder

  1. I had several attempts at printing the Huxley Herringbone Gears before getting to a point at which ‘clean up’ should be minimal. (Not fitted them yet!). I believe that a technique worth looking at is to print directly from an SD card fitted to the printer controller electronics rather than via a USB cable connected to a computer. The reason is that this gets rid of any USB communication bottleneck – when printing via a USB cable, I noticed that now and again when the print head was going around the perimeter, it would pause – briefly – but long enough to leave a tiny bit of plastic at the point at which the pause occurred. When printing from an SD card, the nozzle moved much more smoothly – certainly no evidence of the stuttering which I saw when prinint via USB. A much cleaner print and a technique I will use again when I need the highest quality output possible.