Javascript for Computing Science teachers Level 1

Javascript is the coding language that brings interactivity to web pages. This course will introduce Javascript, what it is, how it’s used and how to write simple scripts.

You can introduce the use of Javascript at any age but when it comes to National 4, National 5 and the new Higher Computing science courses there is a greater emphasis and some requirement for pupils to produce and edit simple javascript code.

This course is an excellent starting point for teachers new to Javascript or for those wanting to brush up on their skills.

Course Aims

  • To develop Computing teachers knowledge, skills and confidence in Javascript.
  • To provide an opportunity for teachers to explore, discuss and practice workable methods of teaching Javascript coding in the classroom

Course Content summary

Below is an overview of the topics covered in the course. Click here to view a complete list of contents

  • Javascript
  • Software choices
  • Approaches to teaching Javascript
  • Working environments
  • Javascript Overview
  • <script> blocks
  • Inline Javascript
  • Document Javascript
  • Linked script files
  • Javascript fundamentals
  • DOM – Document Object Model
  • Coding examples
  • More advanced Javascript
  • Online tutorial, reference, support materials
  • More advanced CSS
  • Online tutorial, reference, support materials

Course Content Detail

  • Javascript – What is Javascript
  • Software choices – for writing and editing Javascript code – demonstrating the pros and cons of using the various software programs available to schools and currently in use.
  • Approaches to teaching Javascript – software, file/ folder organisation, timescale
  • Working environments – how to set up the user screen for effective code creation
    • Javascript Overview
    • What it is used for
    • Issues with its use – e.g. cross browser compatibility
  • <script> blocks
    • What they are
    • Where to place them in the page
  • Inline Javascript
  • Document Javascript
    • Linked script files How and when to use inline Javascript, document Javascript and linked script files
  • Javascript fundamentals
    • Statements
    • Comments
    • Variables
    • Variable Types
    • Functions
    • Conditions
    • Comparisons
    • Loops
  • DOM – Document Object Model
    • What it is and why knowledge of it is needed for coding Javascript
    • Traversing the DOM To get information about an element
    • To select an element
    • To change/affect an element
    • To create an element
  • Coding examples
    • Javascript coding examples for use in the class­room
    • Discussion of difficulty levels of examples
    • Discussion of what levels are appropriate for Nat 5, Higher etc.
  • More advanced Javascript
    • Demonstration and discussion of advanced Javas­cript techniques
    • Javascript libraries – e.g. jQuery, jQueryUI
      • What they are and when they are used
  • Online tutorial, reference and support materials