MySQL for Computing Science teachers Level 1

Most dynamic web sites use data stored and accessed from a database. One of the widely used database technologies is MySQL.

This one day course will introduce MySQL along with the PHP code necessary to connect to databases, query them and process the data.

Course Aims

  • To develop Computing teachers knowledge, skills and confidence in CSS.
  • To provide an opportunity for teachers to explore, discuss and practice workable methods of teaching CSS coding in the classroom

Course Content summary

Below is an overview of the topics covered in the course. Click here to view a complete list of contents

  • What is MySQL
  • Introduction to data driven dynamic web sites
  • Basic database design
  • Creating a basic database in MySQL
  • Creating connections to MySQL databases using PHP code
  • Creating simple queries to access information
  • Creating simple queries to modify data
  • Processing and displaying query results on web pag­es using PHP and HTML
  • Basic data driven web page projects

Course Content Detail

  • MySQL- What is MySQL
  • Database Driven Web Sites- introduction to database driven web sites
  • Database Design– basic database design
    • Tables, fields and primary keys
  • Creating MySQL databases– how to create data­based using phpMyAdmin interface
    • Setting up the course databases
  • Database Connections
    • How to connect to a MySQL database
    • PHP code to create connection
    • IDE techniques for working with databases
  • MySQL Queries - creating simple queries to access information
    • Select
    • Where
    • Order By
  • MySQL Queries – simple queries to modify data
  • Document CSS
    • Update
    • Delete
  • Displaying Data
    • using PHP and HTML to display data on web pages
  • Basic data driven web page projects