Website Launch

New Dynamic Website Launch

The new website launch sees me moving away from the use of static pages. The new site mainly runs on WordPress. A few of the older sections of the site still use static pages to maintain existing inward links. The design of the site, and in particular the home page, is still being worked on. For the moment I’ve gone with a fairly muted grey theme.

With the site I want to promote my services as an ICT Trainer and Web Site Designer.

Over the coming weeks I’ll create pages to feature the types of training I can offer and post information about courses I’ve delivered.

I will upload information about the websites i’ve recently designed. For the moment here a a few links to ones I’ve created:

Andrew Craigie New Website Logo ImageNew Logo

To go with the new layout I’ve created a new website logo. The logo is purely text based and uses CSS to create the look.

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