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Analog Pin User Control

FirmataVB dll image

Using the AnalogPinControl is very similar to using the DigitalPinControl. To use the AnalogPinControl User Control:

  1. Download the folder to your computer
  2. Unzip or extract
  3. Open the FirmataVB Components folder
  4. Locate the DigitalPinControl.dll file
  5. Copy the AnalogPinControl.dll file to a suitable location. It's a good idea to place a copy of it in the project folder for your application
  6. Create a new Windows Forms Application using Visual Studio or Visual Basic Express Edition
  7. Right click anywhere on the Toolbox
  8. Select Choose Items...
    The Choose Toolbox Items dialog window will open.
  9. Click the Browse... button
    An Open dialog will appear.
  10. Navigate to the AnalogPinControl.dll file
  11. Select the AnalogPinControl.dll file
  12. Click the Open button
  13. Click the OK button
    The AnalogPinControl control should now appear in the Toolbox
    Toolbox image showing components
  14. Click and drag the AnalogPinControl control onto a form in your project
    An AnalogPinControl will appear on the form.
    Analog Pin Control image
  15. In the Properties pane enter the number of the pin on your Arduino board that you want to associate this control with in the PinNumber property.
    If you want to use the techniques for addressing the AnalogPinControls on your form that is used in the sample application then make sure you enter a unique PinNumber for each AnalogPinControl
  16. Drag as many AnalogPinControls onto your form as you need.
    For an Arduino Diecimila that would be 6

Digital Pin Controls on form image

To see how the AnalogPinControl can be used to receive analog messages via FirmataVB have a look at the sample applications code.

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