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Video Projects and Experiments

Video Projects and Experiments

Articles about shooting, processing and editing H.264 video shot with the GoPro HD Hero camera and a Canon EOS 7D.

GoPro HD Hero - Car Trip Glasgow 01

An explanation of the video workflow used to edit, export and upload a GoPro HD Hero Full HD video. The video is of a short car trip around Glasgow, Scotland speeded up to X2.

Clyde Tunnel - Both Ways
H.264 work flow with Adobe Premiere and MPEG Streamclip

How to 're-wrap' GoPro HD Hero H.264 video files as Quicktime Movies using MPEG Streamclip 1.2 to edit them in Adobe Premiere CS3. Video used is of a car trip through the Clyde Tunnel in Glasgow, Scotland. The video was shot heading North and South through the tunnel.

Pollok Park in the Snow - First film shot with Canon 7D

Pollok Park in the Snow. First video shot with Canon EOS 7D. A brief explanation of the Canon 7D video workflow. Including the use of MPEG Streamclip 1.2 and Adobe Premiere CS3.