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First film shot with Canon 7D

Pollok Park in the Snow is the first video I've shot using my recently aquired Canon EOS 7D.

The video was shot at 1920 x 1080, 25fps. Using the following lenses:

Canon 7D video workflow

I haven't finalised my Canon 7D workflow yet but for this video I used the following process.

I downloaded the .MOV files from the camera to my computer.

I used the trial version of Cineform Neoscene to 'decompress' the video files and convert them to .AVI format.

Exporting using these settings creates .AVI files that are roughly 3 times the size on disk. This 'decompression' makes them more useable in Adobe Premiere CS3. By useable I mean they play back with less stutter and the timeline can be scrubbed with less delay.

I then created an Adobe Premiere CS3 project using the HDTV 1080p 29.97fps (I forgot the original video was at 25fps - but it didn't matter) preset. Inmported the .AVI files and edited the video. Premiere coped really well with the Neoscene .AVI files. Smooth playback and timeline scrubbing. This is the best editing experience I had so far with HD video in Adobe Premiere CS3.

The soundtrack I used is called Silent Snow and is by Christopher Page. I licensed the track from mediamusicnow.

I used the RGB curves Video Effect to increase the contrast slightly across the whole video.

When I'd finished editing and adding titles I selected File > Export > Adobe Media Encoder...

Video Settings

Audio Settings

I then exported it and uploaded it to YouTube and Vimeo in the usual way.